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As a young adult, this is a pivotal time in your life, when you will be transitioning from a student to a professional. How you present yourself, both on paper and in person, will have a significant impact on your career prospects and ultimately, on your career success. Making a positive, strong impression can open doors and create opportunities, while making a lackluster impression can close doors and thwart opportunity. So when it comes to writing a resume, going in for an interview, or conducting yourself in the workplace, it is critical to become informed, to pay attention to the details, and to set high standards for yourself. Everything from what you wear, to how you shake a hand, to the quality of writing in your resume, all make impactful and lasting impressions on employers and colleagues. For example, something as subtle as a feeble handshake can mean the difference between getting a job or promotion and being passed over by another candidate. If there are spelling errors on your resume or you wear clothing in an interview that rubs someone the wrong way, you may be hurting your chances of landing a job or an opportunity. Be sure to create an exceptional resume, to dress sharply, to speak with confidence, and to go into any professional situation completely prepared. Now is the time to step it up and present yourself in the best possible manner!

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