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Enrollment Process

The Sequence of Steps That Occur After Acceptance:

  • After you have submitted a complete CU in D.C. application; have had an in-person interview; and have been notified of acceptance into the program, you are officially enrolled in the program.  We usually notify candidates about their acceptance at the conclusion of the interview or in a follow-up email.
  • Once accepted into the program, or even beforehand, you should be actively researching internship opportunities and submitting internship applications.  The CU in D.C. Program staff will support you in your search and with application preparation.  You will continue to actively pursue internship opportunities until you receive an offer and accept it.  You may receive an offer early on, or closer to your time of departure.
  • In the months following your acceptance, you will receive regular communication from the CU in D.C. Program Manager about internship opportunities; course offerings; and registration instructions.  The Program Manager will move you through the process and prompt you take various actions along the way.
  • For the fall and spring academic semesters, the Program Manager will provide you with registration instructions and you will register in the usual online system, just like you do any other semester.  The Program Manager will provide you with detailed course information, with the course numbers, names, and number of credits (classroom courses and internship courses).  You will use this information to register online, during your regular registration window for that particular semester.  So as the registration period approaches, you can expect correspondence and instructions from the Program Manager.
  • When you register for your CU courses, you will be charged for tuition on your account at the Bursar’s Office, just like you would be any other semester.
  • Registration for summer session D is different than registration during a fall or spring academic semester.  The Program Manager will send you a special registration form that is created by the Office of Continuing Education.  You will fill out and submit the registration form directly to the Office of Continuing Education, either in person or by mail.  You will also submit tuition payment at the time you submit the registration form.
  • As your semester of participation nears, you will receive information about the housing we have arranged for your class in Washington D.C.  During fall or spring, you will be charged on your account at the Bursar’s Office for the cost of housing.  The Program Manager will inform you about what the charges will be.  For summer session D, you will pay for housing at the Office of Continuing Education.
  • About two months to one month before departure, our on-the-ground team in Washington D.C. will begin communicating with you about traveling to D.C.; housing and roommate arrangements; arrival instructions; orientation dates; etc.  We have a team in D.C. that manages all of these pieces.  The CU in D.C. Program Manager will turn you over to this team late in the process, about one or two months before departure.
  • Before you depart for D.C., you will have secured an internship opportunity; registered for your classes; and made travel arrangements to D.C. based on the arrival dates you’ve been given by the D.C. team.
  • And then you’re off!

*Note that the CU in D.C. Program follows the exact same academic dates that you would ordinarily follow on campus.  Classes begin and end on the same days they would if you were on campus, for fall, spring, Maymester, and summer session D. 

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